welcome to our pub...

Tooting’s best-kept secret.

Three floors, three experiences. Start on the ground floor where British Boozer meets the cool vibes of South London - there are plenty of cosy corners and nooks to hide in.

Venture upstairs and lose yourself in The Library, a themed dining room with shelves and shelves of vintage favourites collected from across the UK. Don’t forget to sneak a peek into the Alchemy Room - imagine Snape’s potions room with a touch of Breaking Bad. 

You’d think that’s the best bit but hah, we’ve got you fooled! The basement is everyone’s favourite. Pourquoi, you ask? It’s a cinema with old school cinema chairs. Yeah, we think it’s pretty amazing too.

There’s also a front and back garden, delicious cookin’, a handsome team and tipples to tickle every tonsil.

Ssssh, tell only who you must.

The Gorringe Park

29 London Road, Tooting (just 10 strides from the overground station). London, SW17 9JR


T. 020 8685 0469


Opening hours

Monday: 11am–11pm

Tuesday: 11am–11pm

Wednesday: 11am–11pm

Thursday: 11am–11pm

Friday: 11am–Midnight

Saturday: 11am–Midnight

Sunday: 11am-10:30pm

Kitchen Opening hours

Monday: 12 noon – 10pm

Tuesday: 12 noon – 10pm

Wednesday: 12 noon – 10pm

Thursday: 12 noon – 10pm

Friday: 12 noon – 10pm

Saturday: 12 noon – 10pm

Sunday: 12 noon - 9pm

Standard cinema viewings

11am   2pm4pm8pm